Mixed Bakery Wins Big at the OC Fair


Mixed Bakery RibbonsPastry Chef Elyssa Fournier logged thousands of hours in the company of commercial ovens stretching from New York City to the beach communities of Southern California before deciding that the one kitchen she really wanted to bake out of was her own.



Mixed Bakery located in Corona del Mar draws on Elyssa’s experience with French and American baking. She specializes in tarts, muffins, cookies and French pastries.

This year, Mixed Bakery and its gourmet treats have been awarded at the OC Fair in several categories.



1st Place

Corn Bread – Homemade Quick Breads
Carrot Cake – Frosted Layer Cake | Division Winner | Judges Award
Gluten Free Carrot Cake – Single Layer Cake | Division Winner | Judges Award
Caramel Mou – Caramels
Chocolate Saucisson – Confections

2nd Place

Coffee Cake – Coffee Cake, Non-Yeast Leavened
Lemon Pound Cake – Pound Cake, all flavors

3rd  Place

Peach Tarts -Tarts or Mini Pies
Currant Scones – Biscuits & Scones
Pumpkin Tart – Single Rolled Crust, Cream or Custard
Fruit Tart – Single Rolled Crust, Baked with Fruit

Honorable Mention

Gluten-Free Fruit Tart – Any Other Crust or Crumb Crust Pie, Specify item
Goat Cheese Cheesecake – Cheesecake, baked
Lemon Bar Pie – Single Crust Crumb or Cookie any Baked Filling

For more information, visit their website
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949.903.BAKE (2253)

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