Hot Off the Press: Great Taste Magazine Fall 2018


Great-Taste Magazine 2018 Fall Issue is Hot Off the Press!

It’s time to go play! From dining, to gambling, to relaxing, in this fall issue, we’re taking a closer look at what modern casinos have to offer. Great-Taste examines the improvement of Golden State casinos and how they compare to big-name destinations in Sin City.

Learn about some of the casinos right here in California that are perfect for a weekend trip. Eliminate the long travel time to crowded Las Vegas and see what the Golden State has cooking up. We also look at the booming craft beer scene in California that has spread into local resorts and delve into a long-standing dining staple of casinos; the buffet.

Executive Chef Barry Dakake walks us through his journey from early beginnings in Rhode Island, to culinary notoriarity in Vegas and tells us some of his culinary favorites.

Don’t forget to check out this issue’s produce pick, pineapple quince and our cheese pick, Swiss AOC/AOP Gruyere.

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