” Thai-Licious Journey ” A Taste of Thailand Web Series



The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) today presents “ Thai-Licious Journey ”, a travel web series led by Thailand Culinary Ambassador Chef Andy Ricker and Canadian travel enthusiast Daniel Fraser. Featuring local food and authentic travel experiences throughout Thailand!

The Thai-Licious Journey is designed to inspire the next generation of travelers who want to discover unique and authentic experiences! Learn about food, culture and heritage, and gain an understanding of how to travel like a local in Thailand. These “Unique Thai Local Experiences” provide the native connection tourists seek, while highlighting the diverse destinations for which Thailand is known.

By combining storytelling with Thai cuisine, the Thai-Licious Journey features an incredible and immersive four-episode web series documenting culinary adventures in each region: Bangkok (Central), Chiang Mai (North), Khon Kaen (Northeast), and Phuket (South).

To further reinforce the Thai-Licious message, TAT has also initiated the LINK project (‘L’ for Local Experiences, ‘I’ for Innovation, ‘N’ for Networking, and ‘K’ for Keeping character) to promote local tourism in various communities in Thailand and enhance the strength of each community to attract travelers.

The Thai-Licious Journey and LINK project are the first campaigns under TAT’s recently appointed New York Director, Charinya Kiatlapnachai, who began her career with TAT in 1996. She has since worked on several campaigns in tourism marketing. In her new role as New York Director, Kiatlapnachai aims to grow the number of quality visitors to Thailand from the U.S. market by highlighting off the beaten path destinations using creative and forward thinking initiatives.

“Over 80 percent of Thailand is still undiscovered by those who visit. We believe that by promoting Thailand tourism through Thai cuisine and truly local experiences, we can deepen and strengthen the bond between travelers and Thailand by showcasing lesser-known areas in each region,” Kiatlapnachai explains.

Online marketing and social media will form an integral part of the new director’s marketing activities in growing business to Thailand from the U.S. market.

The full Thail-Licious Journey series is now available on TAT’s YouTube Channel, Thailand Insider, with new episodes premiering each week.

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