Anaheim White House to Reopens After Devastating Fire


Just over a year after a devastating fire reduced his beloved restaurant to rubble, Sir Bruno Serato will see its reincarnation rise from the ashes like a Phoenix when he opens the doors of the new Anaheim White House.

Every square inch of the restaurant, its banquet hall known as the West Wing and surrounding grounds have been painstakingly renovated so that they closely resemble the 1909 Colonial-style mansion and property that Serato converted into a restaurant more than three decades ago. The fire was particularly devastating because Serato used its kitchen to prepare 4,000 dinners each night for local needy children. He was, however, able to continue cooking for the kids thanks to the generosity of Christ Cathedral that allowed use of its kitchen. This will discontinue after the restaurant opens.

While the main floor of the Italian steakhouse will be reserved for proper dining, the upstairs will become a lounge called BBar and will specialize in small bites from around the globe. The main dining area will consist of 11 rooms, 8 of which may be closed off for private affairs. Upstairs, in addition to BBar, 3 additional rooms will be available for private events or to accommodate overflow from the lounge. Each of the rooms of the 5,600-square-foot, 180-seat restaurant is named after one of our nation’s Founding Fathers including Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and John Adams.

AWH2Posted 5/15/18 by Matthew

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