Red Onion Marmalade

Contributed by: Chef Eric LeVine

Learn to create Chef Eric LeVine’s scrumptious, red onion marmalade: a delicious garnish to make any burger ZING!

Chef shares his Burger/Grilling Tips

  • It’s all about the meat. Make your own 1/2 pound patties. For juicy, flavorful burgers every time use a triple blend of chuck, short loin, and brisket. Season your meat with some salt and pepper and cook to a medium-rare temperature.
  • Before you put anything on the grill, make sure your grill is fired up. Turn the heat on and close the top for a few minutes to let the grates warm up.
  • Once you put the patty on, don’t push down on it. This is the biggest mistake people make. Pushing down on the burger presses out all the natural juices and dries out the meat.
  • Have all your toppings ready so when you go to build your burger it doesn’t get cold
  • Before you serve your burger wait 2-3 minutes to allow juices to redistribute or all the juice will run out on the first bit
  • You only need two tools – a spatula, in order to flip the burgers (never use tongs) and a grill brush to keep the grill clean from build up

Red Onion Marmalade

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Chef Eric LeVine’s Bacon Eater Burger with Red Onion Marmalade and Fries


2 large red onions, diced
¼ cup olive oil
3 Tbsp cider vinegar
½ tsp pepper flake


  1. Cook red onion and olive oil in a skillet over low heat, covered, until golden, about 30 minutes.
  2. Add cider vinegar and pepper flake.
  3. Season with salt.
  4. Cook until thick, about 20 more minutes.

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