Recipe Champions Pop-Up Brings Food You Never Thought Existed

RecipeChampionsat4thStreetMarket Michael Pham Josh Elkin Andy Nguyen
December 7, 2019 @ 11:00 am – 8:00 pm America/Los Angeles Timezone
4th Street Market - Santa Ana
201 East 4th Street
Santa Ana, CA 92701

Recipe Champions pop-up has begun serving their never-before-seen food mashups at 4th Street Market in Santa Ana, CA. Expect delicious, creative menu items that you never thought could, would (or maybe even should) exist, pleasing palates and blowing minds. Dishes from Recipe Champions will only be available for a limited time; December 7, 2019, through January 31, 2020. New menu items will be revealed over time, but these epic new eats are sure to be buzzworthy.

4th Street Market ChickenParmBurritoChimichanga“I’d like to offer something that has never been seen, tasted or done before. My recipes are not only unique to 4th Street Market, but also the world. And, with the help of these two [Chef Mike Pham, Andy Nguyen], I’m finally able to give my followers what they’ve been asking for: the chance to try my food in real life.” Chef Josh Elkin

About the Chefs — Josh Elkin is a self-taught chef, who’s had a unique history in the food industry. From appearances on the Food Network to his original breakout on the food scene during Epic Meal Time, Josh offers a unique take on flavor combinations, and the way he brings it all to life is second to none. Chef Mike Pham is a trained chef, with experience in working at Michelin Star restaurants under his belt. With a technical approach to cooking and the techniques involved, Mike proves to be exceptional at his craft.

4th Street Market ChickenParmHotDogs

“I teamed up with these guys to bring Josh’s ideas to a retail setting. Mike and I have had a great working relationship over the years, so I know he brings excellence in the kitchen. Both guys are also undefeated Foodbeast Kitchen League champions.” – Restaurateur, Andy Nguyen

4th St Market is dedicated to incubation and the fostering of budding talent. With it’s easily interchangeable units and minimal barriers to entry, 4th St Market was created for this purpose of ever-changing vendors, all of whom offer unique and flavorful fare. The local food hall thrives off of the consistent change, as they are dedicated to innovation and the process of moving forward in the foodie-universe.4th Street Market CroqueMonsieurPotatoSkins

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