Orange County Restaurant Chef’s Sound Off!


Coming Soon – Orange County Restaurant Chef Sound Off!

We’re inviting our chef/readers to comment on topics of interest or whatever may be on their minds. Read to see what others are thinking and doing. Feel free to get involved by making a comment, agree or disagree, and share your own experience or opinion. If you would like to become a regular contributor, email [email protected] Consider this your online water cooler.

Look forward to seeing input from the following:

Katie Averill – Consultant

Greg Daniels – Haven Gastropub

Joe Magnanelli – Urban Kitchen Group

Sal Maniaci – Sapori Ristorante

Ross Pangilian – Leatherby’s Cafe Rouge

Gabbi Patrick – Gabbi’s Mexican Kitchen

Jason Petrie – Pinot Provence

Michael Poompan – sip – Renaissance Hotel Long Beach

Kenny Raponi – Tabu Grill

Curtis Toth – Hyatt HB

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