The Wellness Bingo Challenge


The Wellness Bingo Challenge

Sometimes, it’s hard to pick the healthier option, especially when there are a lot of instant and junk food options that are cheaper than fruit and vegetables. However, we really need to eat what’s healthy or we won’t be able to keep our weight in check. If you need a little bit of a nudge in order to get yourself back on the road to fitness, here’s a little game that you can try called Wellness Bingo. It challenges you to eat and drink healthy stuff, and gives you a huge reward in the end.

Here’s how it works:

First, print some blank bingo cards. You can find a pattern at Bingo Baker. Then, write any of the selections below on the blank spaces of the card.

a. Eat a serving of steamed fish
b. Munch on a new kind of fruit or vegetable
c. Cook a healthy dish for work
d. Eat more than 3 servings of fruit or vegetable in a day
e. Drink more than 3 glasses a day
f. Eat a whole grain bread or pasta
g. Make a dish with some seeds (sesame, chia, etc.) in it
h. Make a healthy salad for dinner
i. Cook a dish featured at
j. Make a smoothie that has Acai berry in it
k. Create a cool, fun dish consisting of mangoes and chicken breast
l. Make a dish taught by Gordon Ramsay
m. Eat soup with lots of mushrooms in it
n. Eat potato and celery salad for lunch
o. Make your own tofu burger
p. Eat brown rice instead of white
q. Try making homemade mayonnaise
r. Make a salad with at least 3 types of fruit
s. Use fresh tomatoes in making spaghetti sauce
t. Eat a fruit in season today.
u. Eat vegetables that are good for the eyes.
v. Substitute Gatorade with coconut water when working out.
w. Substitute white sugar with honey
x. Eat something with garlic
y. Make a smoothie that can help you lose weight

You can add your own variations. Just make sure that the selections are eating or drinking something fresh and healthy. The best part is that you can play this game while sampling all the different restaurants around town.

To play it, you have to do at least 3 of the things being suggested on any space every day. Note that you can only cross out up to 3 spaces on your card every day. The pattern is blackout so in order to win, you have to cross out everything on the card.

What’s the reward at the end of the game? Why, the gift of health, of course! If you manage to do everything being suggested on the card, you’ll definitely lose some weight and become healthier. As an added reward, you can buy something that you’ve always wanted or go on a shopping spree when you finish the game to encourage yourself to play Wellness Bingo all over again!

Bingo is an extremely popular game, and some universities and companies all over the world are actually using it to promote better health. At Oakland University, there’s a student activity being promoted called €œHealthy BINGO Activities€ that work somewhat similarly with Wellness Bingo. In the UK, Iceland Foods, a purveyor of healthy products, released a gaming site for online players called Iceland Bingo €“ a pay-to-play site that helps promote wellness by having a direct link to its food arm of the business. The centuries-old game of bingo is actually quite flexible in terms of game play, which is probably why it’s being used regularly to promote products, services, or even a lifestyle.

Enjoy playing the game!

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