Terlato Kitchen Line of Specialty Foods Launch


Terlato Kitchen GiftTerlato Kitchen Line of Specialty Foods Launches

John Terlato, Vice Chairman of Terlato Wine Group, recently announced the launch of Terlato Kitchen, a collection of specialty foods inspired at the Terlato family table with enthusiasm for sharing delicious foods alongside exceptional wines. Made with the highest quality ingredients, and designed to appeal to those who enjoy delicious foods and won’t settle for anything less than the best the Terlato Family’s goal is to bring homemade, high quality foods from the Terlato table to the tables of friends, family and food enthusiasts.

Terlato Kitchen offers small-batch, high quality artisanal food products sourced from around the world. The collection represents tried and true Terlato family favorites served at their table and shared with family and friends starting with their signature tomato sauces. Terlato Kitchen was started as a way to make these hand-crafted products available to others who might appreciate great and delicious foods.

“During our years in the wine business, we have been fortunate to enjoy some delicious meals and recipes,” said John Terlato. “Naturally we brought those recipes home to our table to share. We started Terlato Kitchen as a way to make these home-made, artisanal food products available items available to all who appreciate exceptional food.”

The product that inspired Terlato Kitchen is a staple in any kitchen – tomato sauce.  Terlato worked for months to perfect the recipes for three signature sauces including:

·        Pomodoro Sauce – an Italian classic created with vine-ripened San Marzano tomatoes, imported olive oil and a touch of basil

·        Vodka Sauce – a creamy tomato sauce that every tomato sauce lover knows and enjoys

·        Arrabbiata Sauce – a tangy pasta sauce with a mild spicy kick, thanks to the addition of red chili flakes.

Terlato Kitchen sauces are all-natural, made without preservatives, without any added sugar and are gluten-free.  Each variety is made with only a handful of ingredients and in small batches allowing us to control the quality and freshness of each jar (480 jars produced at a time). Suggested retail price: $12 / 24-oz. jar.

In addition to the trio of sauces, Terlato Kitchen offers a growing selection of seasonal items with limited availability, sourced by John Terlato for their exceptional flavor and quality:

Maple Syrup from Northern Wisconsin

From maple tree forest to table, this pure, certified-organic syrup has a robust maple flavor that is exceptionally balanced in sweetness. Collected at the very tail end of the harvesting season, this Grade B dark amber syrup is the highest quality available, of intense maple flavor and bottled exclusively for Terlato Kitchen. Suggested retail price: $20 / 16-oz. bottle.

Napa Valley Strawberry Preserves

Produced from fresh strawberries picked at the height of ripeness in Napa Valley, these preserves are hand crafted with a fraction of the sugar found in other jams and preserves, letting the naturally sweet flavor of the strawberries shine through.  Suggested retail price: $12 / 4-oz. jar.

Great Taste Magazine IconGreat Taste Magazine IconGT BITE – though we haven’t tasted the preserves we had the opportunity to sample the fresh strawberries and if they’re any indication of the flavor punch in this jam, you’re palate will be pleased.

Tart Cherry & Pistachio Soft Biscotti

Terlato Kitchen Soft Biscotti are the easiest homemade cookies you’ll ever bake. The biscotti come par-baked and are finished in your oven and served warm.  These delicious, chewy biscotti are low in sugar, a perfect breakfast complement alongside your coffee or tea, enjoyed as a snack or as the perfect ending to any meal.

Suggested retail price: $13 / 1 lb. box

Il Poggione Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Produced from olives grown at Il Poggione Winery in Tuscany, this dense green oil has a fruity nose and a distinctly nutty and spicy flavor.  It is perfect on its own with bread, as a finishing oil, in salad dressings or in any recipe that calls for extraordinary quality olive oil. The Terlato family has been importing the acclaimed Il Poggione Brunello wines for more than 35 years. Suggested retail price: $40 / 1 litre bottle, $26 / 500ml bottle.

Kracher TBA Vinegar

Kracher TBA Vinegars blend the highest quality Chardonnay and Welshriesling grapes from the family’s estate vineyards. The top vinegar producer in Europe then ages the vinegar in small Austrian oak barrels, concentrating its aromas and flavors. Terlato Kitchen currently sells two vintages – 1995 and 2003. Served at top Michelin-starred restaurants, Gerhard Kracher recommends drizzling this delicacy on aged cheese, vanilla ice cream or simply grilled steak.  Suggested retail price: 2003 $30 / 8.5-oz bottle, 1995 $80 / 3.4-oz bottle.

Terlato Kitchen makes it easy to enjoy and share delicious meals at your own table.  Terlato Kitchen products are currently available on-line at www.terlatokitchen.com and at select gourmet markets in the Chicago area.

About Terlato Wines

Terlato Wines has a global portfolio of more than 70 brands from world class wine producers in more than a dozen countries and controls a 20 percent market share of wines $20 and up in the U.S. Terlato Wines garners more 90+ ratings than any wine company in the world and is a division of the Terlato Wine Group, the parent company comprising several small businesses specializing in the marketing and production of exceptional wines. Owned and operated by the Terlato family for four generations, the Group also includes the family’s winery investments and partnerships in some of the world’s most esteemed wine regions including: Napa Valley; Sonoma County; Sta. Rita Hills in Santa Barbara County; Victoria, Australia; the Rhône Valley in France and; Montalcino, Italy.

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