The Pandemic Has Opened Our Eyes to Plenty of New Dining Choices


The pandemic has opened our eyes to plenty of new dining choices and electronic orders have soared. Restaurants have opened to supplying raw and cooked ingredients for home preparation, wholesale companies previously dedicated to supplying grocery and restaurants have opened to online ordering from consumers and mail order food is featured front and center, everywhere we look.

A mid-western company introduced a 100% grass-fed, wet aged beef steak prepared by a cooking method previously and almost exclusively performed in restaurants. Wisconsin Steak Company has brought a strip steak “sous vide” to market. The tender morsels need only be finished in a pan or on a grill and they’re ready to eat.

We were pleasantly surprised when the frozen steaks arrived on our doorstep, each individually vacuum sealed. When the steaks are sous vide, they are seasoned but we added a little more for our taste. A quick sear on each side finished the steaks to perfection.

Check out the Great Wisconsin Steak Company, a company founded by John McGraw, a former restaurant owner.

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