Tamarind of London


By Wendy Chen

Photos by Allen Taylor Photography

It’s not every day you get to meet a Michelin-starred chef.Recently I had the incredible privilege to meet Chef Alfred Prasad, who is a 10-time Michelin honored chef, at Tamarind of London in Newport Beach.This chic and modern restaurant serves some of the most innovative Indian food I’ve ever tasted.

Under Chef Prasad’s new direction, the restaurant now focuses more on seasonality and a stronger seafood presence.The mango salad and soft-shell crab appetizer (see photo) are perfect to start your meal.I could eat a half dozen of these baby crabs lightly crusted with coconut, fennel, and coriander seeds!The mango salad with toasted walnuts and coconutin honey-pepper dressing was the perfect compliment to the deep fried crab.

A recently added seafood dish is the tender and buttery pan-grilled sea bass (see photo right). Served with fine beans, raw mango, tomato, curry leaves, and coconut,it’s a must-try when you visit.

No meal is complete without dessert.The ginger honey glaze pineapple was sweet paired with slightly tart strawberry and raspberry went well the vanilla gelato (see photo left).

What makes great Indian food?It’s all about the spices.Love Indian food?You don’t have to travel to London or India because Tamarind of London brings great Indian food right to the OC.

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