Just Add Water for…tada…Pho


SOUPPLY, the first-ever shelf-stable phở bowl featuring high-quality, USDA meat products. After over two years of research and development, this Orange County-based company launched their product line of conveniently packaged, authentic phở in June of 2021, and they’re just getting started…

SOUPPLY (soup-lee) — a modern, premium phở bowl dedicated to preserving the essence of traditional Vietnamese flavors. This Vietnamese-founded brand was built by a group of friends who yearned for authentic phở when traveling abroad for extended periods. Then came the idea of a premium simple-prep phở bowl that can be conveniently enjoyed any time and any place. Just add water to SOUPPLY’s authentic, shelf-stable phở bowls to enjoy a convenient and satisfying meal – ideal for people with demanding lives. 

SOUPPLY phở bowls feature high-quality ingredients, real shelf-stable meat (Filet & Brisket, Chicken) and added collagen. The included meat is fully cooked under high-temperature pressure through a USDA-approved process, allowing it to remain shelf-stable without preservatives. Their packaged phở bowls can be stored at room temperature for approximately one year, and each comes complete with reusable utensils along with sriracha and hoisin packets.

It took two years of research and development before launching the first two products (Filet & Brisket and Chicken). We at SOUPPLY never compromise quality and authenticity over profits, and we would like to see more authentic, ethnic CPG food options re-branded for the American market.” Linda Nguyen, COO & Co-Founder

SOUPPLY products may be purchased online, HERE.
*Standard Shipping (Estimated 3-5 Business Days) is FREE (minimum 6-pack order)

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