Ask A Wino – Wine & Food Pairing


Q: What is the secret to pairing wine with food?

A: The most general and widely accepted rule of thumb is to pair red wine with red meat and white wine with white james hallmeats (i.e. most fish, chicken, etc.). However, with the copious varieties of tastes, flavors and different areas that wine comes from, there is sadly no all telling “secret” to pairing the perfect wine to any given food. The easiest two routes to take with this one are to either use your own taste buds, knowledge and common sense (perhaps some trial and error), or to ask a well seasoned expert (wine merchant, waiter, chef, etc) who is near and dear to the meal and/or wine you will be enjoying.

If you are too lazy to use either two of my suggestions, here are a few more general “rule of thumbs” for food and wine pairings that work well together.

– Champagne works well with anything salty.

– Pinot Grigio goes well with light fish dishes.

– Fatty fish and fish in rich sauces go best with Chardonnay.

– Sweet & spicy dishes are complimented by off-dry Riesling.

– Dry Rose is delicious with cheesy dishes.

– Cabernet Sauvignon is delicious with juicy red meat.

There you have it, a few choice ideas and tips. Now get to eating and drinking your heart away!

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