An End of an Adventurous Era


Newport Beach-based Culinary Adventures – operator of numerous chic restaurants throughout Southern California – has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, citing drastic downturns in revenue. Wilhelm’s Chop House (formerly French 75) closed Thursday at the Marketplace in Irvine, and the company is set to close two other eateries in Los Angeles. The unfortunate economic situation of the country, creating rising food costs and slower traffic in their establishments has caused distress and the restaurant group’s downfall.Famed restaurateur David Wilhelm, who founded the company in 1997, resigned from Culinary Adventures earlier this week. He is in no way “on the outs” however – it is rumored that Wilhelm will start anew with an eponymous project – Wilhelm Concepts. The restaurant closing and company restructuring will certainly have adverse effects on the local food service industry. Not only will the laid off employees suffer, but the purveyors with receivables and their employees will all be effected.

Aug. 2008

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