6 WAYS to Show Your Employees Some Love


By Sagi Rochman

RESTAURANTS SMARTER IN 2017. While it’s easy to focus on the efficiency-boosting automation that comes with these technologies, let’s not ignore the common thread that runs through each of these “smart” business trends.

In 2017, it’s clear that technology is the key to business improvement and future success. Do you know what technology also improves? The guest and employee experiences.

Let’s take a moment to discuss how you can use your technology to show your employees some love this year.
With a varied workforce (men, women, millennials, Gen Xers, and even some Baby
Boomers) comes a mix of skill and knowledge in terms of technology. Show your employees some love, make sure you offer a variety of tech solutions — as well as readily available training — that they can all use and adapt to. Acknowledgement and support will go a long way in helping every employee feel like a welcome part of your team.

Did you know that U.S. adults average 2.5 hours per day in front of their mobile devices? As smartphones now enable us to handle businessrelated matters anytime, anywhere, it’s really all about how we make every exchange more convenient. Improve your employees’ time management by offering the ability to use smartphones for work. Offer an employee loyalty app, training modules, a company-wide scheduling platform or something else entirely.
If last year’s headlines around Chipotle’s food contamination taught us anything, it’s that
restaurants need to take safety seriously — and need to get employees fully invested. Training is an excellent way to help employees understand the importance of best safety practices for the customer’s benefit as well as for their own workplace safety.

Training also enables employees to earn more as they learn to provide better customer service, understand your business goals and explore other career opportunities within your company.
Chances are that most of your employees are not full-timers. In fact, many of them attend school, have other jobs to supplement their salary or have children at home to care for. Giving employees an intuitive, flexible, and on-the-spot schedule management tool will help them make their work schedule fit around life’s other priorities.
The last thing you want to do as a manager is leave your employees feeling like they’re all
alone. A direct line of communication to management is extremely important. Whether that be through a mobile app, email or some other channel, show your employees that being
readily available for support, assistance or suggestions is a priority to you. You may be surprised by the ideas they bring to your attention.
The need to acknowledge your employees’ good work is especially important. When you can, find creative ways to demonstrate your acknowledgement, support and appreciation of all their good work.

For instance:
● Conduct regular performance reviews so they know you’re paying attention and want to help them grow and increase their income.
● Be open to helping employees explore other career opportunities within your company.
● Publicly acknowledge and reward employees who receive stellar customer reviews.
● Create employee “spotlights” to showcase on your blog or social media and share them with media.
● Celebrate company and personal milestones with your team.
Though our inclination in the restaurant industry is to focus on the guest experience (which is a critical piece of the restaurant business), we can’t forget the employee experience. Restaurant employees are the ones in the trenches every day. They know what works, what doesn’t and they are the true key to your operation’s success.

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