ThickShake Factory (The) – Long Beach – February 2019 – 1 Yr – Anniversary


The ThickShake Factory will celebrate its “Grand Opening” at The Streets in Downtown Long Beach; its first location in the United States.

India’s fastest growing ThickShake brand began in 2013 and is now enjoyed in 9 cities at 40 outlets.

The ThickShake Factory offers delicious shakes in myriad flavors that include some quirky masterpieces like the Superman’s Secret, Mango Melody, Kit Kat Shake and more. At The ThickShake Factory it’s the taste and quality of a classic shake – classic yet presented in all new flavors with a modern twist.

The ThickShake Factory offers over 30 toppings and flavors to choose from with a warning that guests may get lost in a swirl of ingredients as they try and choose their perfect blend. And just for the record, that is around 265,252,859,812,191,058,636,308,480,000,000 unique combinations of shakes to choose from!

For information on The ThickShake Factory, visit

335 North Promenade

Long Beach, CA 90802

The ThickShake Factory at The Streets on North Promenade between 3rd Street and 4th Street.

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