Culinary School of Los Angeles – Los Angeles – March 2019 – 4 yrs – Anniversary



The Culinary Institute is founded by internationally acclaimed food manufacturer Chef Josette, who owns and operates Normandie Bakery for wholesale and retail. Inside the bakery is her boutique-style French restaurant called Josette’s Bistro and now the Culinary Institute.

“This is such a joy for me to teach the culinary art to those who want to understand, appreciate the art of French cooking,” said Chef Josette, “because cooking is my life.”

Chef Josette’s restaurant-bakery has been known as one of the premier French bakeries in Los Angeles since 1985 featuring a variety of breads,croissants, pastries, cakes, and pates.

Along with Chef Josette, the Culinary Institute is staffed with other awards winning chefs, including Chef Bruno, Chef Jean-Marc Touya, and Chef Victorwith each teaching their specialized culinary fields. Each student will have the opportunity to be hands on in the making, preparation and tasting of what they prepare.

The Art of French Home Cooking will be one of the many classes taught.Classes include making crepes and Bechamel sauce with each student preparing their own batter, creating one the most famous cookies in France,the French Macaron, in many different flavors, and cooking the famous French stew Coq Au Vin starting with butchering and marinating the chicken.

Located at 3022 South Cochran Avenue (corner of Cochran and Jefferson Avenue), Los Angeles, CA 90016

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