Whole Foods 2015 “Parm Crack”


Whole Foods Parm Crack

On Saturday, March 7th Whole Foods Stores including Laguna Niguel and Huntington Beach hosted a “Parm Crack.”

The events each featured three contestants all attempting to crack open a wheel ofParmigano Reggiano.

Certified Cheese Professional Bryan officiated the event to keep perfect time.

As 100 onlookers yelled “crack, crack, crack!” the winner, Adrian Cortez, was finally able to bust through the 100pound wheel of cheese. Soon after, the other two contestants successfully cracked through their wheels.

All hail the king of cheese, Adrian Cortez!

A$5 donation to Whole Planet Foundation got you a delicious meal from Chef Heidi! They were able to raise $125 in 1 hour!

Once the wheels were cracked, audience members were able to come up and sample the cheese.

Every team showed off their culinary skills with parm pairings that were out of control!
Including garlic Parmigiano crusted shrimp, Parmigiano chicken cutlets with parm potato wedges, Parmigiano zucchini pasta, and more!

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