“What’s For Dinner?”


Erika’s Catering Company, a professional off-site catering service in Southern California, today announced a shift in it’s primary business focus to delivering freshly prepared dinners with “What’s For Dinner?”.

“What’s For Dinner?” offers a variety of easy heat and eat meals, prepared with fresh and wholesome ingredients offering customers a better alternative to fast food and lengthy meal preparations. With meals starting at $8 per serving, this is a cost effective meal program.

“I have been in the catering business for more than ten years and have been privileged to cater a lifetime of events and celebrations.” said Erika Reardon, owner. “I’m excited about this shift in focus, as it is not limited to catering a single event, but to providing at-home dinners that people can eat every night. People are busy and by providing cost-effective meals. i can offer a service that meets a need while providing alternatives to eating out.”

Posted By: Ashley Nicole 7/23/2011

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