West Coast has the Highest Demand for Coffee in the USA

  • Crazy for coffee: The top US states for coffee drinkers revealed!
  • West Coast has the highest demand for coffee
  • California drinks enough coffees a day to build the front of the empire state building 1059 times!
  • New report by Wren Kitchens reveals how many landmarks you could build with cups based on consumption (Spoiler Alert: It’s a lot!!)
  • With more than 48 billion, 1 cups of coffee drunk in the US every single year, there’s no denying coffee is loved!

Coffee is much more than a drink. It’s a wakeup call, a chance to talk with friends or a rare moment to yourself. Grabbing a cup of coffee in your kitchen sets you up for the day.

With the US a self-confessed coffee-loving nation, a new report by Wren Kitchens has revealed which state craves coffee the most, as well as illustrating which iconic landmarks each state could build with coffee cups through its consumption.

Want to know how your state ranks? Grab a cup and read on…

West Coast boasts biggest demand for coffee

With three of the top five states having the greatest demand for coffee based on the Pacific, the West Coast is the place they pay homage to the barista. Nowhere more can this be seen than California with the state sipping more than 5.8 billion cups of the steaming beans.

The data was gathered by looking at search volumes against population and the average amount of coffee consumed per person.

Full rankings can be seen below (please note rankings are based on demand per population, therefore lower rankings may consume a higher quantity due to higher population):

Wren Kitchens StatisticsMethodology

To work out the coffee capitals they looked at Google search volumes per state surrounding coffee and calculated it as a % of a state’s population.

To work out the number of cups of coffee drunk in each state per year, they looked at the following:

  1.  The average amount of coffee drunk
  2. The average number of Americans who drink coffee
  3. Average amount of coffee in a cup, average size of cup
  4. The population of states


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  • Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Population Division.

They then looked at the height, area and dimensions of landmarks in the US; before working out the number of 12oz coffee cups it would take to fill each landmark. Finally, they worked out how many times each state could cover each landmark with the number of cups of coffee they consume each year.

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