Waste Not OC – Anaheim Pilot


Waste Not OC is a public-private partnership to reduce hunger and solid waste by facilitating the donation of wholesome surplus food.
Our committee includes food banks, food distributors, health care agency employees, and volunteers.

The Anaheim Pilot is a city-wide effort focused on identifying sources of recoverable food and educating potential donors to safely redirect food to those in need. Over 1,500 food facilities have been identified in Anaheim, but only a fraction are aware of the community’s need for recovered food. With the support of local businesses, the City of Anaheim, and the Health Department, we are working hard to end hunger in our community.

Anaheim Pilot Launch Party
Waste Not OC proudly presents the launch party for the Anaheim Pilot program.
The event will be the platform from which the Waste Not OC Coalition’s Anaheim Project will be officially unveiled.
This event aims to educate our local community and members of the hospitality industry on how to donate prepared food that would be unserved and thrown away.
The biggest takeaway will be to demonstrate the ways donate food with no liability risk.

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Annual Window Seal
A window seal is being developed to honor facilities working to end hunger. Information on how to obtain a seal will be available at our Anaheim Launch Party.

posted by Sarah McCallum

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