Valhalla Table Opens at The Camp


Valhalla Table, the newest eatery and bar at The CAMP is now open for feasting. In ancient Norse Mythology “Valhalla” is a majestic, enormous hall where dead soldiers celebrate in their afterlife and are kept to aid the god Odin in future battles.

Valhalla Table features a variety of free range and organic homemade sausages, brats, Belgian style French fries, dips and a handpicked selection of craft and organic brews on tap. Exactly what you would imagine for a Viking feast. Be prepared to choose your brat, pick a topping, mix and match various mustards and find a few different dips to try with your fries (Pesto Mayo, Mango Curry, oh my!).

Don’t be fooled however, this place isn’t owned by your average Beowulf bearded giants, but two Indonesian sisters, Liz and Ehrline Karnaga. “We want to become a community dining place where people can eat and drink their favorite food and beer while also get to know their neighbors,” says Liz about their business model.

The dark haired Valkyries of Valhalla Table also own the popular Layer Cake Bakery in Irvine, which opened in 2007.

For an extensive view of their menu, visit their website at

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