USA Rice Federation Talks About Arsenic Concerns


USA Rice Federation (USA Rice) represents millers, merchants, rice farmers, and allied businesses who grow and process nearly 85 percent of the rice consumed in the United States. Recently, there have been stories in the media regarding high levels of arsenic present in rice. However, these stories are misleading due to the fact that arsenic is preset in air, soil, water, and foods everywhere.

Currently there are not standards or limits for levels of arsenic in food. Consumers are exposed to it by various fruits, vegetables, and grains.
Although inorganic arsenic has been linked to harmful health effects and is present in high levels in drinking water, arsenic that is present in U.S. rice is largely organic and less harmful. While there have been no scientific studies linking arsenic in rice to serious health problems, USA Rice is working with federal agencies to examine the current levels in U.S. grown rice.

Rice in America has been a fulfilling, wholesome addition to any meal for the past 300 years and remains so today. If you would like more information about rice and rice products visit USA Rice’s website.

Posted by Melanie Figueroa

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