Urban Plates Expands Patio Dining


Urban Plates has expanded outdoor dining patios at all locations to provide additional space for guests! Additional tables have been set up on sidewalks, parking spots (surrounded by giant flowerpots and sun umbrellas), and other vacant outdoor spaces to offer beautiful courtyard areas for a larger number of guests.

The chef-driven, fine-casual brand that focuses on delicious, crave-able and affordable foods made with clean, whole-food ingredients also has some great summer specials. Available for patio dining, or takeout, Urban Plates is offering a Ribs Family Meal made using their beloved Heritage Ribs – the composed meal includes four half racks of ribs, two large sides (try the seasonal roasted old bay potatoes and harissa corn on the cob), and 4 slices grilled rustic bread, and is priced at $59.95 at all locations. Urban Plates also offers a variety of summer desserts made in house, which act as the perfect, crowd-pleasing accompaniment. Seasonal desserts include the whole Mango Tart, Almond Macaroons, and Chocolate Vanilla Cake with seasonal berries. Top it off with a Summer Antioxidant Salad or a Watermelon Replenisher—a refreshing, housemade drink made of blended fresh watermelon, pineapple, mint, and basil—which can also be frozen at home into popsicles for the kids, or into ice cubes as a way to liven up a glass of iced tea.

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