Turn Your Photos Into Magical Marshmallows with Boomf


boomfBoomf transforms your favorite pics into delicious, multi-sensory marshmallows. In each box of Boomf, nine fluffy gourmet marshmallows are custom printed with photos from your Instagram or Facebook. Boxes of Boomf can be ordered for $25 each, with free worldwide shipping.

More delicious than a card, more surprising than flowers, Boomf brings your birthday gifts, anniversaries, bridal favors, or personalized thank you’s to sugary, personalized life. To make a Boomf, all you need to do is upload pictures from your desktop or camera roll, or log in using Instagram or Facebook. Choose nine of your favorite photos and check out.

“It was always our plan to bring Boomf to the USA,” said co-founder and Wonka-in-Chief James Middleton, who developed Boomf in 2013 with fellow gastro-magician Andy Bell. “With hundreds of millions of Instagram and Facebook photos in circulation, marshmallow photos seemed like an idea whose time had come in the largest market in the world!”

The brainchild of entrepreneurs James Middleton, 27, and Andy Bell, 39, Boomf was founded in 2013 as a result of a shared mission to combine the power of photography with food. James has significant experience in culinary entrepreneurship, having founded The Cake Kit Company and Nice Cakes. Bell, the founder and former chief creative officer at Mint Digital, an award-winning product development studio, is an expert at combining photography and web software. He previously foundedSticky9(Instagram magnets) andProjecteo(a very tiny projector). Together James’ culinary business background combined with Andy’s digital skills made a match made in foodie heaven.

Posted by Rachel Allan


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