Top Ten Tea Tips Courtesy of The Lanesborough


Mr. Kessab’s secrets to the perfect cup of tea.

Karl Kessab’s Top Ten Tea Tips

1. Use only pure, fresh water

2. Never reboil water for tea

3. Keep tea leaves crisp and fresh as room temperature

4. For black tea, use water that has just boiled, 95°C

5. For green or white teas, use water that is 83 -85°C

6. Loose leaf tea produces a better tasting drink

7. Tea tastes better brewed in a teapot than in a mug

8. Be patient and let the tea brew as long as it needs

9. Do not over brew tea, more time means more tannin

10. For tea brewed in a teapot, add milk to the cup first; add the milk last if using a tea bag

Published by Stephanie To


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