Top Awards for Cheese Available Through Emmi Roth USA at 2012 World Championship Cheese Contest


Two traditional Swiss cheeses, both available through Emmi Roth USA, were named two of the top three cheeses in the world at the 2012 World Championship Cheese Contest. Out of the 2,204 entries in the contest, Emmi Winzer, a smear-ripened semi-soft cheese made by Adrian Mayer in Wattenwil, Switzerland, earned first runner up.

The second runner up was Emmi Appenzeller, a classic Swiss cheese crafted by Karl Germann in Andwil, Switzerland. Both cheeses grace the shelves of Emmi’s curing cellars in Switzerland. Winzer, a distinctive artisan cheese carefully cured with red wine lees, is exclusively available in the United States through Emmi Roth USA under the Emmi of Switzerland brand.

Earning a silver medal in the Gruyere class was Le Gruyere AOC du Haut-Jorat, crafted by Rene Pernet. As an exclusive Emmi cheesemaker, many exquisite wheels from Fromagerie du Haut-Jorat are among those hand-selected and aged to perfection in Emmi’s natural sandstone caves of Kaltbach.

Emmi Roth USA cheeses crafted in Monroe, Wisconsin, also fared well in the competition. Grand Cru Gruyere Surchoix, cured nine months or more, came in a close fourth-place finish in the Gruyere class, which witnessed a substantial increase in entries this year. Rofumo, a smoked Fontina perfect for melting and cooking, earned a Bronze medal in the Smoked Soft and Semi-Soft class.

Three additional cheeses made in Switzerland and offered through Emmi earned medals at the contest. Capturing a gold medal in the Smear Ripened Hard Cheese category was Tiªte de Moine AOC, crafted by Harald Kampf in Courtlary. In addition, an Appenzeller made by Norbert Eberle in Steinach earned a bronze medal in the Appenzeller class, and Bi¼ndner Bergkase, made by Severin Caratsch in Mi¼stair, captured a bronze in the Smear Ripened Hard Cheese class.

“We are proud to be able to offer these outstanding award-winning cheeses to the US market, as the winning cheesemakers are suppliers to Emmi in Switzerland, and we congratulate each of the cheesemakers for earning a medal at the contest,” said Steve Millard, President and CEO of Emmi Roth USA.

Posted by Markus Micheaels

Edited by Melanie Figueroa


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