Thorton Winery’s New Winemaker


Please meet Thorton Winery’s new winemaker David Vergari. After years of experience working at wineries on three different continents and running his own winery, he set out to join a winery in Temecula with a simple goal in mind: to craft hand-made wines of distinctive quality with the best grapes he can find, age those wines in premium oak barrels from coopers he respects, and then allow the wines to find their voice.

David has been watching the Temecula Valley AVA for some time. He was waiting for an opportunity to present itself so he could join a smaller Temecula winery (15,000 cases or less) where he could be a hands on winemaker. “I didn’t want to be desk bound. I was looking for a position where I get to know what every one of my barrels is doing.” He already knows many of the winemakers in the Valley, has been a guest speaker at one the Winegrowers’ quality seminars, and has a great admiration for the “promise this Valley holds.” That “promise” speaks to the quality and distinction that is inherent in this wine region. “When you’ve made wine on three continents, you can just sense when a certain AVA can achieve quality. I really believe Temecula is that special. ”

David, who has a strong wine operation and consulting background, sees himself as someone who makes a difference in the quality of Winery Restaurant & Wine Bar (The) – Tustin. He’s looking to produce wines at Thornton Winery where each wine will showcase its own inherent varietal characteristic. “Let’s just say that I want the mouth to deliver what the nose promises.” He promises wine that has a fruit driven entry, that grow as it is tasted, and ends with a seamless finish and balance. When asked what success looks like to him he explained, “Respect of my peers, recognition of this winery and AVA by the wine press, and at the end of day… something I can take pride in.”

Posted 10/6/10.

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