The Jade Gazebo Undergoes Resurgence


The Jade Gazebo in Oakhurst has recently seen numerous changes, including a refreshed dining room and revamped menu.

Peter Young recently took over the operations of the restaurant and has put his years of experience to work, quickly winning over regular customers and gaining numerous new ones.Young has over 30 years of restaurant experience. One of his first moves was to bring in chef Ping Chang who himself has been cooking professionally for 40 years. When combined with new sushi chef Ling Yang’s 20 years, the trio bring nearly a century of restaurant experience to bear at the Jade Gazebo.

The expanded menu now also includes sushi, which they just started serving.

Young said while the locals have appreciated the more traditional Chinese fare the restaurant now serves when compared to the more Americanized style that many people may be familiar with, he said he really anticipates getting a lot of business from the numerous Asian tourists who come to Oakhurst on their way to Yosemite.

Posted by Paula Votendahl


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