Temperatures Throughout California Have Been Higher Than Average By More Than 20 Degrees


California’s record breaking temperatures, rising above averages of 20 degrees, has been negatively affecting crops. This includes crops that are being harvesting now,as well as any crops in their growth stage. Growers are limiting their harvest before noon, before the heat spikes, so that they can eliminate heat damage. The heat will damage leaf texture, color, overall quality, and overall shelf life of everything from Avocados to Zucchini. Trees, plants, and vines will drop their blooms or small fruit as they try to protect themselves from the extreme heat. Growers have no way to recover or replace the fruit that will lead to gaps in availability, high prices, and reduced volume. Young plants are more susceptible to high heat compared to matured plants leading to farmers to replant. This will also result in availability gaps as well. This is an industry wide issue and will later impact the west coast.

Posted 10/7/10.

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