Tacosand Tequila (T&T) will bring the heat for National Salsa Day with Chef Saul Ortiz’s salsa sampler trio on Thursday, March 21 at Morongo Casino, Resort and Spa. Priced at $3, Chef Ortiz’s homemade salsa sampler will feature three salsas including: Scorpion Pepper Salsa which makes a tasty addition to soups and sandwiches; Salsa de Arbol, ideal for accompanying red and game meats; and Roasted Jalapeno Salsa that’s best served with chicken or grilled seafood items.

To enjoy the flavors of Tacosand Tequila at home, guests can prepare their own version of the salsa sampler with Chef Ortiz’s salsa recipes:

Scorpion Pepper Salsa

1 ounce Moruga chiles
5 pounds tomatoes
1 1/2 pounds tomatillos
1/4 ounce garlic
1/2 yellow onion
1/4 bunch fresh cilantro
2 ounces salt

Roast all vegetables. Once the vegetables are thoroughly cooked, rough chop the cilantro and set it aside. In a blender, place all roasted vegetables and blend. Add chopped cilantro and salt. Serve immediately or keep cold in the refrigerator.

Salsa de Arbol

1 ounce chiles de arbol
3/4 ounce garlic
5 pounds tomatoes
3 pounds tomatillos
3 ounces salt
1/2 ounce toasted sesame seeds


Under a broiler, toast the chiles de arbol for 5 seconds. Follow with the sesame seeds and set aside then roast the rest of vegetables. Once all of the ingredients are toasted and roasted, place them in a blender and pulse till the mixture obtains a salsa-like consistency. Finish with salt and serve.

Roasted Jalapeno Salsa

1/4 pound fresh jalapenos
5 pounds tomatoes
3/4 ounce garlic
1/4 yellow onion
1 1/2 ounce salt
1/4 bunch cilantro


Begin by roasting jalapenos, tomatoes, garlic and onion. Place all roasted vegetables in a blender and pulse to a chunky salsa consistency. Add salt and cilantro and serve cold.

The new T&T brings the celebrated cuisine of Chef Ortiz to Southern California. A celebration of Mexican culture intermixed with rock n’ roll flair, the distinctive design offers a dynamic atmosphere for dining and drinking. The colorful dining room overlooks the stunning Oasis Pool, where outdoor dining will soon be available from a spacious patio. T&T is known for its innovative cocktails, offering an array of hand-crafted margaritas and specialty cocktails. The interior design blends a colorful palette that is accented by brushed aluminum, canvas, dark wood, mosaic tile and colored glass. Like the original, the design incorporates skeletons, female matadors, bull fighting, tequila and seductive women; icons that have become the very essence of T&T.

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posted by Tiffany Haslacker


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