Sunset Marquis Hotel Teams with Tesla


Sunset Marquis Hotel Teams with Tesla to Elevate Guest Experience & Continue Sustainability Efforts

sunset-teslaLegendary Sunset Marquis Hotel, in an initiative to further elevate the guest experience and continue its quest for sustainability, has installed seven Tesla High Power Connectors and two Clipper Creek J-1772 universal charging station on property.

With more than twice the power of most public charging stations, Sunset Marquis’ hotel guests that own a Tesla Model S or any electric vehicle can plug in while staying on property, at no charge, offering the convenience of a full charge every day.

For business executives living in or visiting Los Angeles, this gives new meaning to the phrase ‘˜power lunch’. While guests dine at Cavatina they can plug in their electric vehicle for a quick charge, at a minimal cost of $10, including valet parking. Tesla vehicle owners are treated to a complimentary one-hour charge.

The Tesla High Power Connectors are installed on a 240-volt circuit and can be supplied with twice the amperage than a regular outlet. For example, at maximum amperage, it can supply power at 20 kW, adding up to 58 miles of range to Tesla Model S, the world’s first premium electric sedan, in one hour. It also allows Model S to be charged overnight in about 5 hours, which gives a range of 265 miles on a single charge.

posted by Andrea Gonzalez


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