Sunburst Calistoga is Wine Country’s Newest Boutique Hotel



Newport Beach, Calif. based broughtonHOTELS is expanding its portfolio of distinctive boutique hotel properties up and down the state of California in 2013 ranging from The Moment on the famed Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood to the iconic Georgian Hotel set overlooking the Pacific in Santa Monica to their newest property, The Sunburst nestled near the ripe vines of Calistoga. The newly renovated 50 room wine country hotel is set in the heart of downtown Calistoga at the very top of the Napa Valley. Each room has been redesigned with a burst of color, featuring a palette of vivid orange, crisp white and blues and bright green accents. With an eclectic mix of furnishings, creative wall murals and spacious bathrooms, The Sunburst Calistoga fits in perfectly with the broughtonHOTELS ethos: to create a boutique hotel experience with a distinctive point-of-view with a warm, inviting atmosphere where our guests comes first.

With nearly 20 hotel hotels stretching from California to Chicago, broughtonHOTELS is reinventing the hotel group model by focusing on five core strategies: superior hotel renovations; efficient operations; forward thinking sales & marketing; transparent financial services; and authentic guest service. Under the leadership of Larry Broughton, the entire organization runs on the philosophy that understands that practical matters such as linen thread count, good water pressure and great amenities are important to the guest experience, but that they are ultimately not what a hotel will be remembered for. Instead, it’s about the social interaction and the human component that will make a guest’s experience authentic, memorable and in today’s connected world, shareable.

Posted by Lauren Harrity 10/04/13

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