Stonefire Grill Introduces “Healthy Alternatives” Menu


With 7 locations across the Southland, Stonefire Grill has emerged as one of the most popular restaurants thanks to its diverse menu of freshly made American favorites. Now the fast-casual concept is introducing a new Healthy Alternatives Menu with items containing fewer than 500 calories. Stonefire Grill teamed up with Healthy Dining and to develop the nutritionally sound menu that is in keeping with the restaurants’ commitment to serving satisfying food distinguished by bold flavor profiles. Among the items on the new Healthy Alternatives Menu:

* Spinach Salad, no dressing (440 calories)

* Cheeseless Grilled Veggie Pizza (170 calories per slice)

* Italian Chopped Salad with Chicken, no dressing (500 calories)

* Mesquite BBQ Chicken Breast (240 calories per serving; serves 2)

* Mesquite BBQ Tri Tip (210 calories per serving; serves 4)

* Sesame Glazed Fresh Salmon (350 calories per serving; serves 2)

* Grilled Vegetables with Feta cheese (110 calories per serving; serves 2)

* Cowboy Beans (180 calories)

“We created the Healthy Alternatives Menu in response to the growing number of guests who request specific nutritional information to accommodate their dietary needs,” said Mary Harrigan, who launched Stonefire Grill with her sister, Maureen, in 2000. “Our goal was to reinterpret some of our popular menu items with an eye toward making them more nutritionally sound without sacrificing the bold flavor and overall satisfaction that comes with dining at Stonefire Grill. Our test markets show that diners really love the new items.”

Added Erica Bohm, Vice President for Healthy Dining, “We recognize restaurants like Stonefire Grill that are not required to offer healthy options but do so to accommodate their guests’ needs. Since dining out is central to the American lifestyle, and more Americans than ever are interested in health and nutrition, Healthy Dining has become a powerful program that is contributing to a healthier America by bringing together the restaurant industry’s “culinary brilliance” with America’s quest for healthier cuisine.”

Posted on 04/05/11 by Allison

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