State-of-the-Art LEED Gold Certified Estate Distillery Embraces Earth Day


This Earth Day (April 22), the planet may be smiling just a tad more from the sudden reduction in pollution as we grapple with this crisis. That said, we should focus this Earth Day on tipping our hat to those who have been doing it right all along.

Meet Christopher Bently, together with his wife, Camille Bently, oversee Bently Enterprises and Bently Heritage Estate Distillery. With Christopher’s environmental passions, quietly, they’ve been redefining the world.

How? Well, together they’ve renovated the San Francisco Federal Reserve Building which they previously acquired to LEED standards. Then, they jumped over to Christopher’s hometown of Minden, NV, where they’ve built Bently Heritage Estate Distillery – and restored it to LEED Gold Standards. They also have the Bently Foundation.

But unlike many founders, executives, and philanthropists, the Bently’s are relatively low key.

Several weeks ago, the co-founders of the Bently Heritage Estate Distillery (BHED), based in Nevada, announced that they have put a halt to the production of their own exquisite spirits to focus on what matters most right now: lending a helping hand. BHED will now produce 1,300 gallons of hand sanitizer and disinfectant spray per week that will be sent to supply local hospitals, law enforcement, and health and human services.

The pair of avid environmentalists aren’t stopping there. During Nevada’s recently announced mandatory, now 45-day shut down, the Bentlys quietly informed their entire staff that they would continue getting paid for the extent of the shutdown, meaning that they would still hold their positions when it is time to return to work.

In celebration of their recent LEED Gold Certifications, their Artisan Mixologist and Director of Brand Advocacy, Lucas Huff, has created Bently Heritage Estate Distillery’s Ranch Tea, a tribute to being an Estate Distillery and respecting the earth. Recipe attached.

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