Specialty New Italian Beer and Wine to Go from Basilico’s


Basilico’s wants to introduce a very Special New Beer and Wine that they’re now offering to go:

Mastri Birrai Umbri
A new and very exclusive Artisanal Italian Beer now offered to go, ‘Mastri Birrai Umbri’ crafted from specialty selected malts, grains and legumes from the region of Umbria, using methods from the 17th Century Benedictine Monks. This non-filtered and non-pasteurized  Blonde Ale is golden and cloudy with a thick, lingering head. It has hints of Lemon Blossom and Summer Fruit with spicy undertones.  The brand’s logo a ‘Key’ is of heraldic symbology, a trademark of power, importance and trust. They key is essential for accessing all that is precious and secret. $9 per bottle.

Cantina Tollo Organic Vino
A new and very exclusive Bottle of Italian Vino from  Rose’s family region in Abruzzo, Italy, specifically her father’s city of Chieti. From ‘CantinaTollo’ is ‘Terre Di Chieti’ Bianco, an Organic White Wine made from Trebbiano and Pecorino grapes. It is full flavored and dry with good acidity, a perfect pairing for seafood, salty cheeses and cured meats. Flavors of citrus and almond on the palate with hints of salt sea air.  $30 per bottle.

Visit their website here.

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