Slapfish Introduces Fish Fridays


Beginning on Wednesday, March 5th, many Southern Californians will observe Lent through Thursday, April 17th. To accommodate their search for meatless dining options for the Lenten season, Slapfish will offer a variety of seafood specials, featuring fresh, sustainable fish prepared simply with big flavors. In addition to Executive Chef Andrew Gruel’s already “lent-friendly” menu, Slapfish will introduce a weekly “Fish Friday” special and “Meatless Meals” that the entire family can enjoy.

Slapfish recently introduced new dishes that feature the freshest fish, grilled simply from salads to a Grilled Fish & Chips as an alternative to their popular traditional option. Chef Gruel also introduced protein style’ versions of his handheld sandwiches featuring crisp lettuce instead of bread for those who are avoiding excess carbohydrates.

Chef Gruel’s new All-American Lobster Boil is also sure to be a strong seller this Lenten season, complete with a whole boiled lobster, alongside Slapfish slaw, fries sweet potato tots, clam chowder, corn and drawn butter.Great Taste Magazine - OC Restaurant

posted by Sarah McCallum

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