Santa Monica Freshens Up Its Look


Santa Monica Seafood is renovating their look from a self-service concept to a full-service cafe-with mouthwatering seafood in mind. The remodeling includes a Mediterranean-inspired menu, an oyster bar, and a updated seafood display. While some menu items have been removed, some delicious favorites such as the fish tacos will remain. Menu additions will include delectable sauteed scallops, steamed clams, fresh shrimp salad, appetizing roasted halibut, and delicious grilled salmon.

The cafe staff is very knowledgeable about seafood and will gladly be able to answer all questions, resulting in many consumers broadening their horizons. Another positive note is that cooking demonstrations are held to show customers how to prepare seafood at home by simple preparations.

Michael Cigliano, Santa Monica’s executive VP, decided that after 14 years if was time to freshen up their menu and add some surprising new treats for customers. Fresh seafood is what they love to offer, but adding new cheeses, wines, pasta and a new oyster bar is another great feature to the ambiance.

Beginning of October the construction began and will soon be completed on November 15.

Posted 10/15/10

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