Rosti Tuscan Kitchen Launched Its New Gluten-free and Vegan Menus for Individuals With Special Dietary Needs


Rosti Tuscan Kitchen recently launched its new gluten-free and vegan menus for individuals with special dietary needs. The authentic Italian restaurant embraces its eclectic customer base at locations in Encino at 16350 Ventura Blvd. and in Santa Monica at 931 Montana Avenue. For nearly two decades, Rosti Tuscan Kitchen has provided delicious cooking in a casual atmosphere for diners looking for authentic Italian meals. Rosti is a neighborhood treasure designed to satisfy guests with high expectations for unpretentious dining. The additions to Rosti’s menu are tasty and healthy and allow diners with narrow food choices to feel included in the fun. Try the gluten-free penne or gluten-free spaghetti in any of Rosti’s pasta dishes for a delicious and safe Italian Meal! The new menus also include over 30 vegan items by eliminating just one ingredient from the normal menu. Not only do these menu items meet special dietary needs, they offer sustenance and exquisite taste. Delicious vegetables and salads are made with organic vegetables from a local farm in Tarzana which is proud to be green-friendly. Rosti is proud to be a green-friendly and locally driven restaurant. Many of the mouth-watering dishes and gorgeous salads are made with vegetables from a nearby farm in Tarzana called Country Fresh Herbs. If you are lucky, you may just see the farmer delivering her beautiful produce herself in the morning. Rosti also donates all the of restaurant’s grease to a company that turns the waste into bio-diesel fuel.

Posted 11/10/10.

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