Reusable Name Badge System is a Good Choice for the Food Industry


Staff name badges make customers feel welcome and help facilitate friendly relationships between employees and guests.The Reusable Name Badge System from Imprint Plus gives management the tools and software to create and personalize badges with names, colors and logos.The metallic finish gives the look of engraved badges,yet are much more affordable.The badges allow you to present a polished and professional image for all front-line staff and enforce brand consistency across multiple properties.
The Imprint Plus Reusable Name Badge System is convenient, eco-friendly, economical and simple to use. The badge plate, personalized insert, lens cover and signature magnetic fastener can be snapped together or apart easily without the messy tape sometimes found on other badges.The badges can be made instantly on-site. When a new staff member comes on board, just toss out the old insert and slide in a new one.The magnetic badges won’t fall off or ruin clothing. Having the system on hand also greatly reduces shipping costs and lead time. Imprint Plus also offers reusable buffet and display signs.

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posted by Anna Nguyen

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