Restaurants Turn To Affordable Cloud-Based Surveillance Technology to Safeguard Patrons and Inventory


Genetec, a leading provider of unified IP security solutions, announced today that its new cloud-based video monitoring service, Stratocast, is offering restaurants throughout North America an affordable way to help them safeguard their patrons and inventory.

One early Canadian-based adopter is the China Rose restaurant, an award winning Asian cuisine establishment located in Calgary, Alberta. According to China Rose Owner and General Manager, Ken Wong, having a video surveillance system has always been a key operations requirement to help keep an eye on who is coming and going from the restaurant, to ensure the well-being of guests and staff, and maintain video records for incidents involving liability claims and inventory theft.

Having previously installed an analog-based digital video recorder (DVR) in the restaurant, Wong encountered numerous limitations, including poor picture quality and difficult-to-access video footage. So when he heard about Stratocast, a new cloud-based video surveillance system specifically designed for small to mid size businesses, Wong decided to try it out.

A few weeks into the installation, China Rose is already seeing huge advantages to its cloud based surveillance system compared to the older analog-based DVR system.


Posted by Lauren Harrity 10/24/13

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