Readers can find success in waitressing with Vickie Karp’s book


successful-cocktai-waitressingVickie Karp tried waitressing as a second job and soon found out that it was a fun and great way to earn more money. In “Successful Cocktail Waitressing” (published by AuthorHouse), she talks about how she found success in this occupation and shares some practical tips for others who want to make their waitressing career a rewarding and fulfilling one. Karp has recently launched a new publicity campaign to promote her book which was published in 2005.

“Successful Cocktail Waitressing” provides a great overview of what it takes to be a good cocktail waitress or waiter, including screening for the best places to work, skills needed to be efficient and profitable and what Karp describes as “useful tips for making good tips.” The book also features some funny and entertaining stories about real-life situations and customers, making the reading as interesting as it is informative.

“Waitressing has been for many people the transitional job that gets them from one point in their life to another, perhaps from one career to another,” Karp says, “For others, it is a lifelong career in itself. Either way, future waitresses or waiters can learn some useful information here on how to make this work both fun and profitable!”

“Successful Cocktail Waitressing”

By Vickie Karp

Softcover | 6 x 9in | 84 pages | ISBN 9781420814521

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

posted 03/08/15 by Andrea Gonzalez

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