Rational Partners with Energy Star


Rational, the global technology and market leader in hot food preparation, has joined EPA’s ENERGY STAR program as an ENERGY STAR partner. Due to Rational’s focus on its holistic approach to sustainability, whitefficiency, its SelfCookingCenter units have earned the ENERGY STAR. Currently, Rational is only one of two combination oven manufacturers that is an ENERGY STAR partner.

Rational sees efficiency as making the optimum use of all resources, whether it be time, energy, water, space or raw materials – in other words, whitefficiency. Whitefficiency is an integrated approach that has been firmly established within Rational’s corporate philosophy from the onset. It underlines the sustainability by the way it operates: from development, to production, to operation in the kitchen, to the unique service, right through to the recycling of the used appliances.
energystarposted by Sarah McCallum

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