President Bush’s Chef Talks


White House Chef Sam Morgante stirred things up inside the Presidents’ cabinet cooking on 70+ domestic and overseas presidential trips for President George W. Bush and the first family. Hespoke for the first time on August 8, at 7 pm at The Presidential Culinary Museum and Presidential Service Center located in the town named after the President, Grover, NC.

Morgante worked a 20 year US Navy career to the bone to get to the White House Military Office. Retiring in 2005, some say he slathered it with BBQ rub also. They are correct – he did it underwater, in the air and everywhere ordered. The once a month special, Texas-style BBQ, was mixed up for the President no matter the time nor place. “Like the movie, The Butler, coming out this month,” The Chef explains, “you learn how to serve the most important guest a cook could ever have and you perform your magic in Japan, Canada, or anywhere you find yourself.” No politics are involved and US Navy Chefs who run Camp David and the White House restaurants practice strict fidelity, zeal and obedience.

Posted by Lauren Harrity 10/09/13

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