Parisian Macaron Craze in U.S. Leads to Success for Duverger Macarons


One of the most successful makers of the Parisian Macaron is Duverger Macarons, located in Oxnard, CA. Since 2008 the company has gone from selling at flea markets to being carried in 17 states as well as online.

The story begins with the Beckers, a French couple who brought their secret recipe for the almond cookie with them from Paris. The couple had fallen in love with the macarons they were buying in Paris. Claire (nee Duverger), an accomplished home baker, was determined to find out if she could recreate the texture and taste of the cookie she loved so much. A lover of the art of exploration, she decided to bake and bake until she reached her goal. She researched and searched out the healthiest ingredients available; used her background in art restoration to figure out the right chemistry to creating great flavors from natural products, and started doing blind tastings at home. The consensus of the lucky tasters, more often than not, was that Claire’s macarons were superior in taste and texture. Realizing her passion could become a business, Claire and her husband Bernard decided to create their version of the macaron. Claire’s maiden name of Duverger was used for the business, and to add to the French authenticity of the product, the logo chosen is the Duverger family Shield. And so Duverger Macaron was born in a Paris kitchen by an artful Parisian home baker, and from those humble beginnings came one of the most sought after macarons in the United States.

Posted by Paula Votendahl


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