Papa Murphys Introduces Mini Murph Make N Bake Pizza Kit


Papa Murphys recently introduced the new Mini Murph Make N Bake Pizza Kit for those looking to have fun in the kitchen with their little ones. The restaurant chain created the kit with the usual quality and flavors of their traditional take home pizzas. However, the mini pizza comes in a kid-sized box featuring Murph, the company’s adorable new mini chef.

The kit comes with a seven inch pizza crust rolled out on their signature bake n serve tray, a container of pizza sauce, a generous amount of 100 percent all-natural whole-milk mozzarella, a dozen slices of real pepperoni, baking instructions, and a temporary Murph tattoo.

“”A lot of time, love, and thoughtfulness went into creating this product,” says Chief Marketing Officer at Papa Murphy’s,Jenifer Anhorn. “”We wanted to make family pizza night even more fun and we”ve met that goal with the Mini Murph. During the testing process, many parents told us that it wasn’t only fun, the kids actually liked that it gave them a role in the family’s meal preparation process. Others loved using the Mini Murph as an activity at their child’s birthday party. ”

The price of the mini pizza starts at $3 and bakes at 425 Degrees in the oven for approximately 10-14 minutes. A cheese only option is also available.

For more information about Papa Murphys and other items on their menu, visit their website.

Posted by Melanie Figueroa

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