Outstanding in the Field is coming to Temecula and Long Beach


Temecula: James Beard Foundation rising star Chef Paul McCabe is returning to Crows Pass Farm on May 14, 2011 for his second Outstanding in the Field appearance. Avocado, citrus fruit and vegetables can be seen on the menu and in the field at Crows Pass. Farmers David and Tina Barnes will share their story, joining us at the table. This is the time of year for the best of Southern California weather.

Long Beach: The Growing Experience is an urban farm in Long Beach, CA. This thriving farm sells produce to restaurants and has a CSA program.The farm also provides educational events, workshops, and tours, as well as job training and skills development. Urban farms like The Growing Experience not only give city people access to healthy food they also provide understanding of growing things and the process of how food gets to the table. When people are unfamiliar with agriculture and it is alien to their experience they are less likely to champion its importance. The guest chef at The Growing Experience event on November 6, 2011 is Rich Mead of Sage in Newport Beach.

Outstanding in the Field (OITF) started in 1998 with a series of farm dinners, featuring ingredients straight from the farm in Santa Cruz, CA, and has grown exponentially throughout North America and Europe, with the addition of renowned chefs along the way. OITF understands the importance of our urban farm and training facility in providing low-income residents and especially the youth of urban areas with access to healthy food and the knowledge of the process of how food gets to the table, coupled with nutrition education, jobs and skills training.


Posted on 04/17/11 by Allison

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