OTACA, a New Ultra-Premium Tequila, Debuts in Southern California


OTACA Tequila, a new-to-market agave spirits company, launches Spring 2021 throughout Southern California. OTACA was founded husband-and-wife duo, Anthony and Nicole Accetta, who share with a passion for entrepreneurship, artistry, and the endless pursuit of the ultimate sipping tequila. After years of researching and tasting the world’s finest tequilas and traversing Mexico’s most-treasured agave plantations, the Dana Point duo embarked on a mission to create their own ultra-premium tequila that would be ‘Once Tried, Always Craved Agave.’

OTACA Tequila enters into the Southern California marketplace with a debut in approximately 600 locations throughout Southern California, including restaurants like Red O, Sol Agave, and Javiers and locations including Hi-Time Wine Cellars and Old Town Liquor.

“The conversation on tequila is shifting. OTACA’s entry into the market comes at a time when curiosity and appreciation for premium sipping tequila are at an all-time high,” comments co-founder Anthony Accetta, a Dana Point-based entrepreneur and real estate developer. “After years of research, we crafted OTACA with our master distiller to excite and enchant those with discerning palates. Our mission was to create a tequila that would be once tried, always craved – and so, OTACA was born.”

OTACA Tequila is made from 100% Blue Weber agave piñas grown on the lowlands of Tequila – Mexico’s gateway to the blue agave region of the Jaliscan Lowlands. Each hand-selected agave piña is harvested once it reaches its optimum maturity after eight years. Produced on a boutique estate, the agave is then fermented, twice distilled, and then twice filtered through a proprietary chilling process. The result is a pristine, ultra-smooth sipping tequila presenting the purest expression of agave’s natural flavors.

The Plata, OTACA’a first release, is an anything-but-ordinary take on the classic Blanco. Each smooth sip presents notes of citrus, vanilla, and a touch of warm earth. Characterized by its brilliant, multi-faceted finish, OTACA is the embodiment of its acronymic slogan ‘Once Tried, Always Craved Agave.’ The Accetta’s are currently aging two additional marques for the OTACA brand portfolio: a Reposado, which will be aged for six months, and a Añejo which will age for a full 24 months, both of which gaining nuances as they mature in Cognac barrels.

“There is purity in tequila. It is a straightforward process, yet it remains somewhat mysterious. The art of distillation presents itself as a blank canvas; each step of the proprietary process is its own defining brush stroke,” comments co-founder Nicole Accetta, a renown artist whose oil on canvas paintings are displayed around the world.” “OTACA Tequila is a bottled celebration of terroir, history, and culture that illuminates the depth and intricacies that agave-based spirits have to offer.”

With its initial debut in Southern California, OTACA Tequila will be available in select restaurants and stores with a suggested retail for $64.95 per bottle. For more information on OTACA Tequila, visit www.otacatequila.com. 

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