Orange County Visitors Association to open Dubai Office



This month, the Orange County Visitors Association of California (OCVA) will open its first promotional office in the Middle East in Dubai. The new office is the first continuous representational presence in Dubai by a U.S. tourism association and OCVA’s third off-shore office.

“Being represented in the Middle East is very important to us for a number of reasons,” said Ed Fuller, OCVA’s president and chief executive officer. “Nearly one million Middle Eastern travelers visited the United States last year. They came to visit our world-class family attractions and theme parks, shop, attend concerts, take in the sites and unique outdoor experiences-all attributes we have in abundance in Orange County, a destination travelers the world over refer to as The OC.

“At the same time, California is home to the largest Middle Eastern immigrant population in the U.S. We are determined to ensure that Middle Easterners, especially those from Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, who are planning a visit to the U.S. and California in the near future, know about Orange County and to assure them they will feel right at home in The OC.”

Heading OCVA’s Dubai office will be Glenn Johnston, vice president.

Last year, the OCVA opened offices in Shanghai and Beijing, China as part of a long-range strategic marketing plan to take The OC travel story to a broad audience of potential visitors outside the U.S.
Posted by Meghan Ogilvie

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