The Old Spaghetti Factory Rings in New Year With 45th Anniversary


This year the Old Spaghetti Factory is celebrating its 45th anniversary of serving traditional flavors and making countless family memories. Guests are invited to participate in anniversary celebrations throughout 2014, starting with special rollback pricing during two weeks in January and a Facebook contest.

While The Old Spaghetti Factory first opened its doors in Portland, Ore., in 1969, the Dussin family has been in the restaurant business for much longer. This is their 100th anniversary of providing restaurant services based on long-held family values and recipes.

“In a competitive industry where most restaurants cannot keep their doors open for more than a year, we are humbled to celebrate our 45th and 100th anniversaries this year,” says Chris Dussin, president of The Old Spaghetti Factory. “We’re taking the time to look back, reflect and thank our family, hard-working staff and devoted guests.”

spaghetti factory logoposted by Sarah McCallum

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